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As in the movie, the werewolf arrives during Bill and Richie's journey into the house, but while Richie's perspective shows It as the four-legged freak show, Bill sees something different. This film is notable for being one of the first major event films to feature a gay hero and a relationship. Etc, etc. As the loser returns home, they gradually forget about IT, Derry, and their surroundings. Calvin Clark - Electrocuted by a fallen electricity cable during a violent storm. [9] It has also been speculated that Richie's comedy derives from a feeling of neglect by his parents, and as a cry for attention from his friends. Even if you mean the book or the miniseries, the characters Richie Tozier and Eddie Kaspbrak are heterosexual males in Stephen Kings IT (whether you mean the book or the miniseries). The second chapter of Stephen Kings book added a feature that had previously been invisible in Kings book: Richie Tozier, a wise-cracked loser club member, is gay, and has feelings for his fellow loser, Eddie Kaspbrak. Much like Richies sexuality, Eddies sexuality has been discussed since the book came out this is not a new phenomenon. Edward "Eddie" Kaspbrak is a major protagonist of the Stephen King multiverse. Afterwards, Henry runs away as It chases Stan, who's watched all of this happen, allowing Belch to die as he escapes from the sewers. Many called the scene heartbreaking and the reaction from Ransone and Hader to be truly saddening. It's a footnote to the whole story ofIt, but an especially unsettling one. It comes full circle. Like the novel, he soon dies of his wounds, spurring the others to finish Pennywise for good. Butch beat both his son and wife on a daily basis the latter eventually leaving him after he beat her nearly to death. It wasnt mentioned in the first film at all. Otherwise, his cruelty is mostly hinted at, like the moment Henry expresses sincere fear that his father will "kill" him if he loses his switchblade. The fact that there is a storyline that is not centered around a straight protagonist is refreshing. Of all the articles I expected to write about, As much as Ive always loved Richie as a character, in the first, Richies greatest fear has always been being himself. IT, each other, and the most significant and traumatic events of the summer in 1958 fade into the background gradually. Adrian Mellons death is in part due to Pennywise fanning the hatred of the town; this is much clearer in the book than it is in the movie, but its a present thread throughout the chapter focused on him. It is confirmed that Richie's reason for making jokes are just in part a defense mechanism to hide his feelings for Eddie, as most of his jokes target him, as opposed to just trying to be humorous as in the book or other adaptation of IT. The viewer decides whether or not to watch the Richie/Eddie plot. Then, during the film's climactic showdown with Pennywise, Richie's childhood friend Eddie Kaspbrak (James Ransone) dies in his arms, which leaves Richie inconsolable. Eddie's death is one of the most heartbreaking moments in IT. Gresham Arnold - Committed suicide by hanging himself. And the notorious town fire referenced in the movie took place at a club called the Black Spot, where Mike's dad was a guest the night it was burned down by the Ku Klux Klan. Eddie King - Hacked to death by Heroux . But Richie is in mourning when we last see him, and while that final voiceover and the smile he gives his carving seems to point towards some hope, its undeniably sad. Eddie is seen as one of the meekest of the group due to his overbearing mother, and later marrying a woman with many of the same traits. Emailus. A group of seven eleven-year-old misfits formed the Losers Club to stay together despite their unhappy lives. In the It movie, Patrick's death scene is entirely different than the way it went down in the novel. It is interesting to me that they decided to make Richies sexuality more of a plot point and keep Eddies sexuality as more of a subtextual arc. They are archrivals of Henry Bowers and Pennywises archnemesis. Edward "Eddie" Kaspbrak is one of the protagonists in Stephen King's It. In this modern tale focusing on Draculas loyal servant, Renfield (Hoult) is the tortured aide to historys most narcissistic boss, Dracula (Cage). Ben, played by Jay Ryan, is obsessed with Beverly ever since he first saw her. Eddie is supposedly asthmatic and develops hypochondria due to the imposed fears of his mother, Sonia Kaspbrak. [8] Strictly in It Chapter Two, it has been interpreted by some fans that Richie's comedic defense mechanism also doubles as him hiding his romantic feelings for Eddie Kaspbrak. The Mary Sue has a strict comment policythat forbids, but is not limited to, personal insults towardanyone, hate speech, and trolling., Have a tip we should know? "Go on in, Eddie," Jack said as he passed. Stephen King, who also enjoys this film, reportedly gave a thumbs up. The It movie handles Mike's history in very obscure terms. The book dealt with childhood and adulthood," he later explained. Steven Johnson - Killed by Pennywise, but was later found in Memorial Park. He is portrayed in the 1990 miniseries adaptation by Adam Faraizl as a child and by Dennis Christopher as an adult; and by Sumeet Goradia as a child and Amit Mistry as . Both have asthma, and when Eddie is told this in the book, King makes a point of describing him reaching for his own inhaler. Thats okay. There is no mention of Eddies sexuality in the film, but it is present in his character. When it re-emerges decades later, they reunite again to stop it for good. His emotional journey in the second film retroactively gives him more depth in the first film as well as advances the character beautifully in Chapter Two, because we realize what his deepest fears and insecurities were about. According to ritchie, he is gay and is in love with Emily Kasprarak. Eddie ends up causing damage to Pennywise, but is instantaneously killed by the monster, dying in Richie's arms asking him not to call him "Eds". They accept themselves, and they accept each other. [5] Stephen King said that while he didn't intend for there to be an unrequited romance between the two characters, he approved of the storyline, saying "its one of those things thats kind of genius, because it echoes the beginning [with Adrian Mellon's gay bashing]. The character is a hypochondriac[2] member of "The Loser's Club" with an incredibly overbearing mother. Still, the fact that Eddies sexuality is not addressed in the same way that Richies sexuality is addressed doesnt mean that it isnt present. On paper, however, Patrick being claimed by It has very little to do with the Losers. However, based on their previous interactions, it is most likely that they do. Eddies untimely death cuts the possibility of romance short, but Richies feelings are still there and Eddies feelings are highly implied. Exploring The Country With The Highest Gay Population, Is Raj From Big Bang Theory Gay? Despite what he's seen, Stan still has trouble wrapping his head around what's happened and needs more proof of It's existence. The loser gradually separates into separate lives and eventually dies. The group of social misfits meets and becomes close as a result of the friendship formed. Andrs Muschiettis IT: Chapter 2 depicts Richie as gay, but Eddie is more likely to be white. Richies sexuality is a critical component of his journey to acceptance in chapter two of IT. The discourse around the film will probably center on extremes, on whether Richie is quality representation or if the film is deeply homophobic. In theIt movie, the kids' projector slideshow develops a mind of Its own and slowly churns out a more-than-photorealistic image of Pennywise. He is a member of the Losers Club, who's convinced by his overbearing mother that he has asthma and other health issues. What's frightening about it is that Ben does want that balloon and feels sucked into Pennywise's mental grip, which is only broken by the town's clock chiming to indicate the top of the hour. You can love that they made Richie canonically not straight and still feel like his narrative shouldve been handled with a little more grace and care. Phil: I don't have your feelings, Eddie; that's all. Some fans have interpreted Eddie was bisexual, even though as in the book, he is married to a woman named Myra. Stephen King is also a massive fan of this film and reportedly gave an enthusiastic blessing to this subplot, Interestingly enough, Dennis Christopher, who played the adult Eddie in the 1990 version of, Its also worth noting that prejudice and bigotry are very much villains in the world of, Ultimately, it is up to the viewer to decide how they feel about the Richie/Eddie plot. The book lends itself strongly to a queer reading of both him and Eddie and the original 2015 script for the first IT featured a line about dont touch the other boys Richie, or theyll know your secret which occurs when Richie is trying to help Eddie. In the movie, Patrick Hockstetter is hardly a central figure to the story. He gets some of the best jokes for sure, but while the other Losers have emotional arcs, Richie just sort of operated as snarky sidekick for the entire film. During his first appearance in the original novel, he talks about doing his voices and impressions because its easer to be brave when youre someone else. "[13], "There's a Cameo in 'It Chapter Two' that's pretty damn perfect", "Bill Hader discusses Richie Tozier's secret in 'It Chapter Two', "The scariest thing about It Chapter Two is the film's limited portrayal of queerness", "Stephen King Loved Insulting It: Chapter Two's Stephen King Stand-In", "Why IT Chapter Two Developed That Big Reveal For Richie", "Review: Overlong 'It Chapter 2' offers psychological complex horror", "It Chapter Two: How Richie's Secret Comes from Stephen King's Book", "IT: Chapter 2 - the movies aren't about clowns, so what does that mean for the sequel? After Bill's younger brother Georgie is killed by Pennywise the Dancing Clown, Richie and his friends each have individual encounters with Pennywise before facing It collectively at Neibolt Street. Eddie is shown . Some of the consequences of this could have been avoided if Eddie had known about their differences. The ending of the It movie certainly simplified things when it came to the Losers' first banishment of the beast. It's another instance of the movie avoiding unnecessary controversywhich is pretty interesting, since it's still a movie about kids battling a child-murdering monster. But they manage to evade him long enough for Pennywise to show upand we later see Patrick being dragged helplessly around the Well House, his doomed condition almost pitiable. Become a subscriber and support the site! The character is a hypochondriac member of "The Loser's Club" with an incredibly overbearing mother. The movie also completely omitted one book scene that would probably be regarded as insensitiveand perhaps a bit of cultural appropriation. After Eddie dies, he re-carves his initials to say goodbye to Richie, indicating that there may have been more to their relationship than meets the eye. It was more of an Easter egg, but there's more to that scene in the book. Edward "Eddie" Kaspbrak is a fictional character created by Stephen King and one of the main characters of his 1986 novel It. This has led many to believe that the sequel will indeed feature a gay couple. In the sewers, Beverly awakens and tries to escape, but she is caught byPennywise. Even by Stephen King standards, IT makes for a hefty read at over 1,100 pages. In the series, the rest of The Losers become entranced by Pennywise'sdeadlights after he takes the form of a giant spider. Richie is known for his loudmouthed and sarcastic personality, which led to him being called "Richie 'Trashmouth' Tozier" by his peers. Martin's Favorite Fantasy Series for TV, why the film doesn't have an after credits scene, How to Build a Decoder in Minecraft (Ft. WildEngineering), New Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet (Gen 9). Even though Richie does not claim to be gay or bisexual, he has the intention to do so. [7], As an adult, due to the nature of Pennywise and Derry, Eddie forgets his childhood, The Loser's Club, Richie and his mother. The Losers Club provides its members with a sense of belonging and acceptance. The scars on their hands that were left behind when they were children have vanished when they reach the surface. John Markson - Committed suicide by eating a white nightshade mushroom. In the book, Eddie is described as the shortest of the group, has a thin, delicate-looking face, gray eyes and briefly mentioned to have a flattop haircut when Mr. Keene tells him his medicine are placebos. Eddie Corcoran - Decapitated by Pennywise in the form of the Gill-man. The story follows Eddie and Richie as they carve their initials into the Kissing Bridge at the age of 13 in order to fall in love. He wants to have the attention and love from his friends that he doesn't receive at home from his parents. A burly football player can be gay. The death of Eddie Kaspbrak in the IT novel and miniseries is a heartbreaking moment - here's how his demise compares in both versions. Previously, it was thought that he had no idea that Richie was upset, but it has now been proven that this is not the case. It is a horror novel written by Stephen King. Whether or not It: Chapter Two will feature a gay couple is still up in the air, but the cast and crew seem to be hinting that it is a possibility. He's forced to procure his masters prey and do his bidding, no matter how debased. Each member of The Loser's Club have individual encounters with Pennywise the Dancing Clown, including one encounter that resulted in Eddie breaking his arm. Perhaps his death was cut for time, or the special effects of the swamp monster might have been too expensive to put together for a secondary character, or perhaps the filmmakers wanted to rein in the amount of parental abuse in the movie. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! It has a narrative that I have never expected from IT. Members of the group include Bill Denbrough, who stutters; Eddie Kaspbrak, who has a hypochondriac condition; Ben Hanscom, who is overweight; Richi Tozier, a jokester; Stan Uris, a Jewish boy; Beverly Marsh, a woman of lower. [11][12], The portrayal of Kaspbrak in the 2017 film and 2019 sequel by Grazer and Ransone was widely praised by critics and audiences. One could argue that the change has some benefits, but it also has some drawbacks. For the most part, Eddies arc has a lot of subtext about his sexuality (just like the novel and original miniseries) but no oh, there is it moment like Richies story does when it comes to analyzing his sexuality in Chapter Two, which is slightly frustrating as a fan of the book but also slightly understandable as a film critic. Not only is the poor kid's story one of the more tragic subplots in the book, but he didn't even make it into the movie. Its easy to translate this fear into a fear of being open about his sexuality or his feelings, and in fact is part of why his sexuality and his relationship with Eddie have been speculated about long before the first. Bill and Richie end up staying in the hotbox long enough to realize that It is an evil force that's sucking the lifeblood out of the town. The members of the group are typically rejected by their peers and have low self-esteem. New horror videos every week. The IT miniseries takes a less gory approach to Eddie's death, however.

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