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Top Taste of London chefs Michel Roux Jr, Tom Aikens and Atul Kochhar, with the Chair of the London Food Board, Rosie Boycott planting seeds and seedlings in the St JamesÕs Park Allotment today (Monday, 16 March 2009), to mark the launch of ÔTaste of LondonÕ tickets on sale.

Taste of London is the capitalÕs most exciting restaurant, food and drink event in RegentÕs Park (18- 22 June).

The Royal ParksÕ allotment in St JamesÕs Park is in its third year and the theme for 2009 is how to grow your own in small spaces.

Each chef will oversee the growth of their own vegetables from March until 18 June, when Taste of London opens. Taste of London is inviting all the chefs at the show to grow their own. The best veg will be judged by Rosie and Mayor Boris Johnson on 18 June and all the produce grown will be used to prepare the chefsÕ signature dishes at the show.

The planting supports the London Development AgencyÕs Capital Growth campaign, spearheaded by Rosie Boycott.

Capital Growth aims to transform the capital by creating 2,012 new food-growing spaces by 2012.


Notes to Editors:

To book tickets for Taste of London visit www.tastefestivals.com or ring 0871 230 5581.

To register for an advance press pass, photography and further information on Taste of London, please contact: Natalie Dunbar, Amanda Parkinson or Nina Plowman at Wild Card on 020 7257 6470 or amanda.parkinson@wildcard.co.uk

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